Why is Ello suddenly so popular?

  • By Zubair
  • October 15, 2014
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“There is nothing called privacy on social network”

May not be true exactly because few social networks like Facebook and Twitter are listed companies, but this fact holds true to social media users who are wary of their data being collected and sold to brands by social networks.

Here comes a fresh social media network called Ello who may be hold the solution for these wary social media users. Termed as the “Facebook killer” for its respect for privacy and opposed to advertising, Ello has gained major decibel level in just about every major news outlet.

The fame, despite low-key launch, confirms a major consumer problem: the utilisation of personal behaviour data by Facebook and other social media networks to help marketers created specifically positioned ads, based on user demographics,behaviour, gadgets usage, preferences.

Unwelcome advertisements and privacy issues are forcing customers away from social media, according to recent reports by the Wall Street Journal. Paul Budnitz, Ello founder is of firm belief that users frustrated by the lack of privacy and blitzkrieg of ads on Facebook, will migrate to advertisement-less Ello.

This recent social network will generate money through freemium services, without advertising. Several of interested users have already advised features for which they would be willing to pay, says Budnitz. Ello is clear about not selling data about users to advertisers, brokers or other third party marketers.

The launch campaign and PR, though very low-key, have worked extremely well; Ello claims that every hour 45,000 new members are signing up. The sudden gatecrashing of users and hackers caused some technical problems temporarily. Post the near-perfect introduction, mild criticism of Ello has surfaced recently.

Ello is in initial stage still – you have request an invitation to begin – after viewing some profiles marketers will get a good idea of what unfolds. “feed” appears same as Twitter,except for the black and white graphic (some users may be willing to pay for customising). Users can post comment on posted content, and the Ello team is working on a way for users to “Love” appeared posts. Additionally, users can filter posts and classify these into two categories: “Friends” and “Noise.”

Simply because brands are not able to advertise on Ello doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy an active visibility. Engagement through Ello will rely more on building trust and relationships, Elizabeth Minton emphasises in Your Brand’s Guide to Ello. Important to note that Ello users joined the network to escape the commercialism of other networks. Content has to be entirely entertaining, social, and educational in nature.

Brands using Ello in the right manner can establish themselves as reliable, relevant, and trustworthy to the crowd who wants to move away from facebook or twitter. It will be useful for Marketers to request an invite now so they can start building relationships and angagements with a segment that social media network behemoths have scared away.

What is your opinion – is Ello going to be simply one more social media cult? Or will social media users, who are wary of being targeted, find themselves more comfortable and happy at Ello?

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